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Toshiya has been instated! [Monday ,
April 3rd, 2006]

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And his username is Spawn_of_hades. Corny, I know, but it has symbolic significance and everything good was taken. Anyway, here's my shitty little bio--enjoy!

Name: Toshiya, nickname Totchi

Age: several tens of thousands of years older than the beginning of time

Birthday: March 31st

Appearance: General Toshiya appearance, with about nape-of-the-neck length choppy hair of varying hues and slightly funky fashion sense.

Abilities: Despite the fact that his father is the almighty Dark Deity of the Egyptians, he takes more after his mother who was a lowly (but very comely) water nymph of Greek Mythology. So, basic lower-level demonic powers (as in disapparation and immortality) coupled with grace, a supple figure, pretty face and, once again, immortality.

Personality: He’s a touch promiscuous with both men and women but always frank about the fact that it is nothing permanent. Generally fun-loving, loyal and self-aware, he also has a touch of snobbery owing to the fact that he was the spawn of the Egyptian’s ultimate, evil anti-Ra. He’s a bit mischievous and has something of a temper, although it takes quite a bit to ignite it, and he’s not one to lose control of his emotions or rationale. He’s capable of consuming large quantities of alcohol in short periods of time and getting only mildly intoxicated, which he loves to show off. He’s a bit of a peacock. He likes to have some attention lavished on him, but that’s not to say he’s overly vain or obnoxiously needy, he just appreciates a little appreciation. He is an excellent friend and is often jovial and warm to everyone he meets, but it also takes a bit to get close to him--it is a compliment if he considers you a friend.

Family: Despite the fact that his father is the almighty Dark Deity of the Egyptians-basically the ultimate chaos demon-, Totchi more after his mother who was a lowly (but very comely) water nymph of Greek Mythology. He doesn’t always get on well with his father who has, at this point, wiped his memory clear and put him amongst human civilization, because they had a huge fight when Aapep ( his daddy) found out that his little boy was pursuing the satyrs as well as the nymphs when invited to vacation at Daddy’s summer home. His mother is a flighty, unreliable, fun-loving and ever-youthful sort who gave him away to a nanny when he was just out of the womb, and doesn’t often suffer motherly pangs. Still, she expects a Mother’s Day present from not only Aapep and Totchi but all of her friends as well. He’s fondest of his nanny, who raised him up to be like he is. Now, living obliviously as a human hybrid, he has only his surrogate mommy--who is disguising herself as his aunt, and pretending that the rest of his family is in another country, which is handy because Totchi doesn’t feel like he wants to associate with them anyway--left to him, and he‘s very fond of her.

Additional Information: He’s Bi/Pansexual and likes it. Throughout the RP I’m going to have him experience some flashbacks and some daydream/nightmares, but he’ll attribute this to an awakening of his powers, which he’ll “discover” at some point. Eventually, I’ll probably have him remember who his daddy is, but it won’t change much because he’ll be pissed at him and willing to wait a thousand or so years before patching things up. He’s willing to hold a grudge, because he has all the time in the world--literally. He’s going to be slightly knowledgeable of the supernatural world, and believe in it because he sometimes rubs shoulders with some of the “magical sort.” He works at a slightly seedy restaurant and gets excellent tips (partly for his provocative “work clothes“), which, alongside handouts from his distant family, furnish his lifestyle. He also plays a bass for odd gigs and is quite well known in the underground musical world for his talent. He loves clothes and shoes and isn’t afraid of make-up, or wigs. Every once in a while he likes to put on a wig, dress in drag and see how many guys he can pick up playing a girl, just for fun. Also, he makes some of his own clothes and sometimes makes outfits for other people…but it’s really more of a hobby than anything.

Sorry it's so long and ramblish. Um, the other thing is I kind of don't know about his relationships to/with the other characters, regarding who he does or doesn't know, so...I dunno, I'm up for anything so if you have an idea, please run it by me!

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[Wednesday ,
March 29th, 2006]


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